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Get Packing

Packing tips for travelers

Most of us know the obvious packing tips, such as not to overdo it (how many sundresses or suit jackets will you really need?), and to bring clothes that can work with multiple outfits.

Here are a few less common points:

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Timing Is Everything

Travel tips: Timing is everything

Consider buying a timer or two and putting a few lamps on it. It looks good to have lights go on at random times when in reality no one is home.

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Interesting Cultural Traditions and Customs

Interesting Cultural Traditions

Diamond Resorts can take you around the world so here are some customs in places you may end up going someday.

In Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela, being early or on time is viewed as being rude. If you are invited over to someone’s home for a meal, it’s recommended that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes later than the requested time. Early or on time guests are viewed as being too eager, even greedy.

If you visit Russia,

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Don’t Multitask

Don’t Multitask

Dear Dr. Leigh: I love vacations. What I don’t love is the preparation—I get overwhelmed by booking, packing, getting to the transportation, making connections, traveling to and from….how do I get control over this?

Dr. Leigh: The easiest way to keep from being overwhelmed: Do NOT try and

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A Guide to Good Times


Vacations are exciting. Vacations are fun. Sometimes, though, the blues sneak up on you. If it happens, remember:

  • You’re on vacation. No worries. Everything is ok back home. A positive outlook can really change the way you see the world.
  • If you’re tired, hungry, or just plain cranky from traveling, use a few hours to relax and let go. Your itinerary is yours. You don’t have to immediately go sightseeing, jump in the pool, or explore the resort. Take it easy—ease into it!
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Keeping Fit on Vacation

Keeping fit on vacation

Worried about putting on some pounds while on vacation?

Here are some simple tips that will help you keep fit.

  • Pack some healthy snacks. That way you can avoid the candy bars and sweets and fatty fast foods in airports, on the road, and so on.

  • Plan to be active. Keep the metabolism pumped with a hike, a swim, a walk on the beach…chances are you’ll be active on vacation anyway, but make a mental note to get in some physical activity.

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Snap It or Scan It!

Snap It or Scan It!

Smart travelers borrow from the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared.

Even though your trip will most likely be uneventful, there are a few things you can do to prepare for a problem.

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