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Make A List

Make a list

Sure, you know what to pack—but how many of us do it last minute? The best way to avoid having too many bathing suits and no sunblock is to make a list beforehand.
Sit down and consider where you’re going, what the weather is going to be like, and what you’ll need for the circumstances.

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5 Best Reasons to Vacation in the Fall

Vacations in the fall
  • It’s a lot less crowded. Many vacationers are back home, children are back in school, and everything is less booked up. Also, in some European countries, everyone takes August off!
  • The weather can be friendlier. You are less likely to encounter blistering heat waves or traditional summer storms. Mother Nature seems calmer in the fall...

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Driving on Vacation – Using Your Time Wisely

Driving on Vacation

When you believe in the wonderful benefits of vacationing, as everyone at Diamond Resorts does, then choosing your next vacation comes down to “where” and “how.” If your destination is 1,000 miles away or more, then the how most likely is which airline—driving or taking a train is simply too time consuming.  Who wants to spend a large chunk of the beginning and end of their vacation sitting in a moving vehicle?

Shorter trips, though, invoke a different set of travel pros and...

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Those Little Maddening Travel Glitches

Maddening Travel Glitches

I once had someone say to me, “Oh, my flight was delayed, and crowded; my luggage went to another city; and it rained the entire first day. My vacation was completely ruined!”

And I thought: no one got hurt. The plane eventually took off, the luggage was found, and the rain stopped—so weren’t those just glitches in a perfectly good vacation?

Resilience is a good...

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The Right Balance of Serenity and Thrills

Wychnor Park, Diamond Resorts International

While travelling through the English countryside, you will be captivated by the tradition and brilliance of Wychnor Park Country Club as well as the undeniable majesty of the surrounding area. It makes for the perfect family holiday as the whole family can experience the serenity of our refined country club, as well as the excitement and thrills of Alton Towers Water Park, only 25 miles away from this peaceful countryside retreat.

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Do you speak the language?

Do you speak the language?

Even though English is widely accepted, there are still parts of the world where the locals won’t know what you are talking about. So before you go, learn a few key phrases in the native tongue.

Here are some basics to learn:

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10 Fast Travel Tips

Packing Tips
  1. Wrinkle-free clothing travels best.
  2. New shoes should stay at home. If they hurt, you don’t want to find out on vacation.
  3. Remember the chargers—and maybe an adapter—for your...
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Get Packing

Packing tips for travelers

Most of us know the obvious packing tips, such as not to overdo it (how many sundresses or suit jackets will you really need?), and to bring clothes that can work with multiple outfits.

Here are a few less common points:

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Timing Is Everything

Travel tips: Timing is everything

Consider buying a timer or two and putting a few lamps on it. It looks good to have lights go on at random times when in reality no one is home.

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